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Have a hidden ability but are afraid to express it? with author TanyaVonMontague

Dec. 7, 2014

What if you had psychic abilities? Would you be afraid of letting anyone know about them? How many people can say they are intuitive but telling someone might be embarrassing or shocking to friends and family members? Coming Out of Your Psychic Closet: A Guide to Help Embrace Your Intuitive Consciousness came to life by Author Tanya Von Montague when she realized she was tired of hiding in her own psychic closet. Tanya found that by transforming fear of the unknown to a sacred space where you are comfortable in your own skin would be the key to creating a life of tranquility and joy. Through the mind, soul, heart and hand Tanya promotes divine intuitive consciousness one spirit at a time.

Tanya Von Montague is a Psychic-Medium and motivational speaker that promotes self-love and strength for those who are ready to recognize their own hidden abilities. A single mother of two young daughters, Tanya takes pride in being a positive role model for young women and strives to help them honor the divine feminine and embrace female empowerment. 

Busy avoiding her psychic talents, Tanya developed her love of writing and became a member of Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) and has been a singer/songwriter for over 20 years.

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