Judy E Hansen


June 12, 2014

Are children more spiritually inclined than adults?What is the difference between spiritually in adults and children?How can parents encourage their children to trust the "inner voice"?Do children really see beyond this realm?Are some children/adults more spiritual than others?  If so, Why?  How? 
Rev.Dr. Barbara Hurd is one of the forefront Preachers  in Atlanta. GA. An inductee into the Martin Luther King, Jr.  Board of Preachers of Morehouse College. As the former Dean of the Barbara King School of Ministry and the Former Director of A Quiet Place, many have seen their lives transformed by being her student Rev. Hurd now teaches “Private Classes."

Dr. Hurd also served as Economic Literacy Trainer for Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Atlanta for six years, and has used her knowledge of finances to create the successful Economic Healing seminars.

Dr. Hurd was blessed with the gift of Healing in 1976 and often is the channel of Spiritual Healing for others and anyone who seeks out her help.

To connect with Rev. Hurd- website www.barbarahurd.org

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