The Pony Bits Podcast

Episode 4 - People Hate Different

July 21, 2014

On this episode of the Pony Bits Podcast, Jon and Colton attempt their “History of Equestria” topic. Where they take the most significant historical events of Equestria shown in Friendship Is Magic and attempt to put them in chronological order, but also forgetting a few at the same time? They also bring up other topics, such as when Celestia and Luna came into power, how long Discord’s rule was, and how people are afraid of things they don’t understand (like podcasts). Enjoy (stay tuned for Part 2?)! Timelines: Order #1: 1. Founding of Equestria 2. Defeat of King Sombra 3. Discord rules Equestria 4. Sisters discover Elements 5. Discord defeat by sisters 6. Nightmare Moon Order #2: 1. Founding of Equestria 2. Discord rule over Equestria 3. Discovery of Elements 3. Defeat by sisters 4. Defeat of King Sombra 5. Nightmare Moon Order #3: 1. Founding of Equestria 2. Tirek’s arrival and imprisonment 3. Defeat of King Sombra 4. Discord rules Equestria 5. Discovery of Elements 6. Defeat of Discord 7. Nightmare Moon neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.