PODSLOT 08 - Kaiju in the Abstract

June 26, 2014

Sound the alarms, we are terrorized in studio by the Kid Kaiju herself: Chandler Moses (www.chandlermoses.com, sewergator.tumblr.com, @mosesBITES). Is Neil deGrasse Tyson the most important scientific communicator around, or is he an obnoxious pretender to the throne of Sagan? Also, what the fuck happens when you die? We wanna know! Plus, our house mystic Johnny Lohse pops in to tell stories about whipping children with bamboo! The President of the United States stops by to interrogate us on super powers. And finally, as promised, here is something fucking impossible: Godzilla talking in word bubbles. http://wac.450f.edgecastcdn.net/80450F/diffuser.fm/files/2014/04/godzilla-talks.jpg Pull on your wing suit and jump out the plane, PODSLOT is about to rescue (level?) your city.

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