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Picking Your Mentors with Gerard Adams (Elite Daily)

March 7, 2016

Gerard Adams the Co-Founder of Elite Daily.  Elite Daily, quickly became the No.1 news platform for Generation Y. Gerard is an experienced angel investor, millennial thought leader and social entrepreneur who overcame early adversity to become a self-made millionaire by the age of 24. Now 30, he has built, backed or invested in nine businesses and trades across multiple industries that have all delivered over seven-figure profits.

In December 2011, Gerard co-founded and invested in his fastest-growing business idea: Elite Daily. Known as the “Voice of “Generation Y,” the website quickly grew to become the No. 1 platform for news geared toward millennials and was acquired by The Daily Mail in 2015.

Passionate about giving back to his community, Gerard helped develop affordable housing for communities in Newark, NJ, where his father and family grew up. He lives in Manhattan with his dog, a dachshund named GiGi. 

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