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The 3 P’s of the 3rd Wave of Startups with Steve Case Founder of AOL

June 6, 2016

CEO and the founder of America Online, Steve Case in Silicon Valley. Steve recently released his first book, The Third Wave, on what the next era of the american startup ecosystem will look like for entrepreneurs. Steve is now the founding partner of the investment firm, Revolution partners which bets on tech entrepreneurs outside of Silicon Valley. So far they’ve backed startups like LivingSocial, Sweetgreen, Bigcommerce, and Handy. Steve became CEO of AOL in 1991 and led the company until the Merger with Time Warner in 2001 in a $164 billion deal that was eventually deemed one of the worst mergers in history. Case attended the prestigious Punahou School, where Barack Obama also went to high school. In 2011 the president appointed him to lead the Startup America Partnership, a nonprofit aimed at spurring the growth of new companies.

His Case Foundation is devoted to employing the Internet for more effective and efficient philanthropy. Steve attended Williams College where he received a Bachelor’s degree. 

Lets listen into the Founder of the company that got america online, Steve Case interviewed in Silicon Valley Last month. 


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