how we are all baking until we are 25

Oct. 9, 2014

have you found college to have benefited your life or could you have saved yourself a lot of school debt and embarrassing campus stories by experiencing your career without it? listen in as wes and ryan chat it up with guest speaker john lee dumas from entrepreneur on fire at the beginning of the podcast then continue discussing how our nation's education needs a new analysis.   links to check out:   development for prefrontal cortex european education system european creative classrooms classrooms having children sit on exercise balls 15th president of the united states jerry seinfield going to the doctor how we’re praised leads to how we learn elementary football team rallying around suit-wearing player dangerous Minds with Michelle Pfeiffer modules from superhuman.life   thoughts from natalie this is definitely a fine line that i am stepping, but i have to agree that attaining a college degree is not all that it’s cracked up to be. now look, i’m a certified secondary history and english teacher, so i need continual college courses to help me maintain my career path, but i can also tell you that I have learned more as a teacher than i ever learned in university about teaching. i also needed a degree to even be considered by the hiring principal. that’s not always the case for most careers, however. take my husband as the detective for the local police department. he is very good at what he does (which is totally true even though i’m biased as his wife) and uses his skills on a daily basis, continually training and remaining certified from shooting at the gun range to taking cpr courses. none of which required a degree, nor would one really do him any good in comparison to real-life experience. i didn’t know that i would love teaching as much as i did until my senior year in university student teaching in a middle school. i caught the bug, but it took a real classroom full of students to help me realize that. Honestly, i originally changed my history major to history education because i grew tired of people asking, “what are you ever going to do with a history degree?” ultimately what it comes down to is finding a path we wouldn’t mind staying on permanently, and then going from there. not because it’s what our parents want or where you think the most money will be made based off of the title you’ve gained with a degree. it’s because it’s your passion, just as law enforcement is for my husband and teaching the youth is mine. the path may have some unexpected obstacles or discoveries along the way, but as long as we look inside ourselves and look for that driving force, we can and will succeed!

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