two easy steps to a great marriage

Nov. 16, 2014

in a study that was conducted on 13,000 couples about having a lasting marriage that spanned decades from the 1970s until the 2000s, kindness and generosity are the two keys to success. wes and ryan talk about how it's okay to be upset, but it's also how and when you say something that decides whether or not if there's an attack in it. seek to understand where your spouse is coming from so you can continue your spousal connection. women tend to put pressure on themselves about how they look while men put pressure on themselves according to how much money is in their bank account. what are some examples of kindness and generosity in marriage from your own life? is there another way to still create a great marriage without one of these keys?   links to check out:   article on decades long scientific study about successful marriages built on kindness and generosity A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on divorce and the reasons it occurs A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on who men and women get dressed up for dr. phil on self-focused people being chronically late modules from superhuman.life other interesting links & references by natalie though they didn't really bring it up in this episode, i kept thinking back to A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on how to teach what sex is to youth, in the proper care and feeding of husbands by dr. laura schlessinger, sometimes it really is simple to apply kindness and generosity in marriage when understanding the three main things guys need. I also spotted the proper care and feeding of marriage on her site, but haven't read it (yet)! i haven't shared a movie in a while, so in an ideal husband, a man's true character is put to question and he has to decide which is more important: saving face in society or according to the man he wants to be for his wife. yes, I think it completely relates! there are tons of pins dedicated to the subject of generosity in marriage and kindness in marriage on pinterest. not surprisingly...

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