Sonia Czernik

5D Success Model #4 - 5D Personality Test- Mind Map Location

July 22, 2014

YOUR LOCATION ON THE DiMondMind Map Please watch #1 then #2 THEN #3 in the series in order to make sense and get the most from this video, which covers HOW MINDSETS ARE REPRESENTED. The mindsets are named and put into perspective using the DiMondMind Map, which is the key to the personality assessment you'll take to determine your primary and secondary mindsets. Here the DiMondMind Map is represented on paper as a 'Diamond'. An overview of the DiMondMind Map provides a basic understanding of the mindsets you operate from and the ease with which you fluctuate from one to another and so have the ability to change your life circumstances and overcome challenges. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.