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Deep Fab - Episode 00055 - Busy, Busy, Busy, Kill Me!

May 26, 2006

I recorded this show late Tuesday night, and I had every intention of publishing this show on Wednesday morning from work. However, life sometimes gets in the way of my podcasting. So, here it is show #55 which I recorded on Tuesday, and just got posted on Friday.

Life has gotten in the way. Work hasn't been so bad, at least not until lately. Earlier this week I was able to get my work done, and leave at my regular time so I can get home let my dogs out, and feed'em. However, last night I was at work for an extra couple of hours ... thankfully, that is the exception and not the rule.

Now, When I get home you'd think I'd be able to sit down, take a load off, or even play World of Warcraft some more. Nope! I took on some freelance work, and that's doing some Microsoft Access Database programming, and I've been working on that in all my free time. So, the gym has had to take a back-seat to that ... for now.

In this show, I didn't cover much news though I know alot is going on. I basically just talk about some of the news items, but not going into anything in depth, there's just too much sometime. But I did want to leave you with some sites to visit: AlterNet
Move On
Air America Radio
Crooks And Liars
Mother Jones
Media Matters
Information Clearing House
365 Gay

As you know, this weekend is Memorial Day Weekend, and I am going back to my second home down in Ptown and staying at The Ranch once again. I look forward to meeting the new manager Todd. I hope he is cute, the last manager and his boyfriend certainly were. Anyway, I'll be doing a podcast when I come back on Sunday night. Maybe when I am down in Ptown I can get some interviews from some drag-performers?

This shows Intro was: "Back Into It" by Father Rock
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