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Deep Fab - Episode 00058 - Eternal Stupidity

June 14, 2006

Happy Gay Pride Season! For those of you into that, I know I am. This past weekend was Gay Pride in Boston, and yes, it was cold, wet, windy, and rainy. The very brave, proud, and stupid came out to view the Gay Pride Parade in Boston. I myself, was in Boston by 10am this past Saturday morning for breaky at a gay bar called Fritz. I guess I started drinking at 11am, with my mimosa's at breakfast. Regardless of the weather, I still had a great time, ran into some old friends, made some new friends, and drank all the while.

I left Boston around 4pm, got home, let the dogs out, and fed them. I was planning on going out to my local gay bar, Randolph Country Club, but I had to get some work done on my freelance project. I was working from 8pm Saturday night to 6am Sunday morning. I did get some rest, and when I got back up, it was finally sunny and dry out ... finally. So, did some yard work and mowed the lawn. That's it for Gay Pride for me ... the weekend came and went so fast. Like all the men in my life. :-)

So, I got some email from David from That Blue Jeans Guy podcast for his comment on my last show about the video game: "Left Behind: Eternal Forces." He showed me a link for the games review which is: here. It is true, shooting civilians does indeed hurt the player by making their "spirit" to go down. However, the game is still not without controversy. For example, there is another article from the Crooks and Liars web-site about this game which is titled Apocalypse, Now a Lawsuit. And even after that, there is a Wikipedia entry at this WikiPedia: Left Behind: Eternal Forces. It does my heart a world of good when right-wing-nuts have their own in-fighting.

So, I guess lastly, I'm experiementing with a new intro filed by a group called Sub-Level-03 and the song is a "Touch Of Pink".
This comes from the Podsafe Music Network

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