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Deep Fab - Episode 00060 - Keeping It Succinct

June 30, 2006

This is the third take of this podcast. The first one was constantly interrupted and sounded like crap. The second one was better, but ran like 45 minutes long, and I like to keep my shows to under 30 minutes, so ... third times the charm.

I've been doing great, an finally got a break from the freelance work, though I know more will be forthcoming. I got my online banking situtation worked out now, and I got great news from my doctor. It turns out my blood-work was normal, and my chest x-ray is normal. Now, I am going for my HIV test this week, and hopefully that will be ok also. I will pray in the affirmative that it is ok, but even if it isn't ... that just means I start treatment now, and protect myself and others. It's not a death-sentence anymore, and I'd still be very hopeful for the future.

So, in this episode, I talk briefly about my conversation with an old friend who is in the military in Viriginia. He's an Independant now instead of Republican because the GOP isn't as conservative as he'd thought they should be. Shit! It only took him six years to figure it out, most people it takes much longer. We also discussed the military's view on homosexuals. I am out to my friend, and he's know for years.

In other news, for times sake, I only covered one news story:
Muslims address silence on Europe attacks

Lastly, I discuss a show comment from David, who hostsThat Blue Jeans Guy podcast. And thank Nillo from the Nillo's Night podcast for his past emails and comments.

A big shout-out, hugs and kisses to my friends and family!

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