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Deep Fab - Episode 00064 - Four More Months

July 14, 2006

In four more months, lots of things can change. Hell, many things can change in 4 seconds, but in four more months if any of us are still here lots of things will hapen:
1) It'll be my birthday and I will 40 years old
2) It'll be the one year anniversary of my podcast
3) It'll be the one year anniversary of being at my new job
4) Massachusetts gets to try once more to vote on whether the gay-marriage ban should be put on the ballot for 2008.

The same courts in Massachusetts that allow gay marriage also dealt us a set-back in allowing the petitions to go through. That means the same-sex marriage ban CAN be voted on for the legislature. The ball is now in their court, and they can vote to put the issue on the ballot in 2008, or not. It would need to with 2 votes from our 2 constitutional conventions,or at least I think that's the way I read it. So, this past Wedneday, they had a chance to vote on it ... but it never came up. So, on both sides of the issue, there are those who are both hapy this was put off for four months, and there are some people who are furious this has happened. Some people on both sides of the issue called it political cowardice.

I've been chatting with my very moderate conservative friends and discussing issues honestly. I am talking about my friend Bob from Bridgewater, MA. Catholic Boy, member of Knights of Columbus, and his wife volunteers for Catholic Charities. Our last discussion ... why should a public charity, that gets private funding, and no public money ... has to let gay couples adopt kids? I think they should!

Other than that, there is always the mundane things going on in my life, like cleaning my place and making room for the new roomie coming. I got most some more to do, but nothing I can't handle.

Oh yeah, I am listening to two new podcasts:
Krebs Cast
Karamabanque Radio

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