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Deep Fab - Episode 00067 - Just More of the Same

Aug. 5, 2006

I recorded this show on Wednesday, and here I am just getting to publish it now. Boy, do I suck! Anyway, this is a much shorter, much lighter show. If we are going into World War III, there isn't much any of us can do to stop it. So, we might as well sit back, and enjoy the ride. This is probably why I'm drinking heavily ... just kidding ... maybe. :-)

So, two weekeends ago, I was in Ptown, and I talk about that for a little bit. I was only gone for a weekend, and I didn't interview anyone. I was so unprepared. This time, I'll be more prepared when I go down next time. I am gonna get some business cards made up for my podcast, get a couple of T-shirts, and see about getting that Marantz recorder sometime soon. It'll be so much better than the iRiver. In any case, I had a great time that weekend in Ptown, and I look forward to going own again soon.

So, the new roomie has finally moved in. He moved in about a week ago, and setup his bed. So, now begins the long slow tedious task of unpacking his staff, and moving some of his stuff into the basement and into the attic for storage. It's wierd having a roomie after having lived alone for three years, but it's something different, and he won't be here forever ... nothing is forever.

I did cover some news tidbits in this episode, but I didn't really use any links, I just touched on what's going on in the world.
1) Israel still fucking Lebanon over ...
2) Iraq and Afghanistan are still going on ...
3) Our own mid-term elections heating up ...
4) Speaking of heating up ... how's that Global Warming?

This shows Intro was: "Touch of Pink" by Sub-Level-03
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