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Deep Fab - Episode 00069 - Terra! Terra! Terra!

Aug. 17, 2006

So, here I am on a Wednesday night. Just got back from the RCC (Randolph Country Club, NOT Roman Catholic Church), and feeling pretty good after a couple of drinks. Anyway, I recorded this podcast last night and planned on publishing it this morning .... but got so busy at work, that it had to wait until now.

In this episode, I catch you up on me and what has been going on with me, my house, my dogs, my roomie, and my yard ... it has been a very busy week working in my back yard and pictures are coming to prove it. My back-yard has never looked better. During the winter, I can kick back and play video games while it is freezing cold and snowy outside ... in the meantime, during the summer, I want to be outside the house as much as possible.

So, I haven't chatted with my straight freind Bobby yet ... he must be travelling this week, but we'll catch-up. I wanted to post his lengthy letter and comment on it ... but not without his permission. Also, in the greatest of announcements ... one of my listeners sent me a gift, a small token of his appreciation for a podcast. I am sooooooo touched, flattered, and honored ... I never expected anything, but I am so flattered and honored. He is a long-time listener, and contributor to the show, and everything is going great for him ... and that makes we so very happy! :-D

So, in the news recently, we still have our "terra" warning and you know I think it is all BULLSHIT! It's worth repeating the link I had last week: Terra! Terra! Terra!
Source: U.S., U.K. at Odds Over Timing of Arrests
Gregory, Stephanopoulos ignored, downplayed NBC report that U.S. officials rushed UK to make terror arrests

In the meanwhile, a cease-fire has been declared between Hezhollah and Israel and both sides claimed victory. It is also now known, that Cheney's office helped motivate this 30+ day war. The blood of innocent Lebanese is on our hands now! Thanks Cheney you asshole! I guess with this "cease-fire" gas prices will have to come down now. And the Christian-fundies waiting for that Rapture will have to wait a little longer now. Yeah, it sucks World War III hasn't started yet and there is some peace in the Middle East now.

Anyway, this show was a little longer than normal, but thanks for downloading, being patient with me, and listening to my rant!

This shows Intro was: "Touch of Pink" by Sub-Level-03
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