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Deep Fab - Episode 00084 - The War on Stupidity

Dec. 6, 2006

Hey kids, it's time for another fun-filled episode of Deep Fabulousity. It's been a busy week as usual. Cleaning the house with four dogs, a cat, birds, and a roomie is tough work. Add on the additional freelance work, and I make for one dull man. So, at least this weekend I get to play down in Provincetown, MA (Ptown). But, since it is off season, I don't know how much playing I will actually be doing ... but I still need to get away from it all.

Since it is the Holiday Season, I've been picking up my house a bit more when I have the time. In years past, I always got a real tree. Then when I got my first apartment, I used a fake tree. When I met my last boyfriend Doug, it was real trees from then on. It was a wonderful experience to decorate the tree with him ... until I realized he moved all the ornaments around. From that day on, the six Christmases we had together ... I just let him pick the tree and decorate it himself. Unfortunately, yes, he was that anal about it. So anal in fact ... that he some years he would decorate the tree ... undecorate it, and then do it all over again. And with the dogs, I always had the bother of the dogs peeing on my Christmas Tree. This year, I said 'SCREW IT!' and got a fake tree. It's a 4-foot high fiber-optic tree that changes colors on it's own. I know some of you 'queens' might think that is cheesy, and quite frankly ... I don't care. It's convenient! A few more cheesy Christmas decorations, and I'll have a delightfully tacky Christmas.

I also managed to get some Christmas Shopping done, and I am half-way done with shopping. I only have a few more things to get, but now I have to wait until my next check on December 15th. Then I can finish my shopping and start to wrap those gifts.

And in the news:
O'Reilly still blasting retail chains

The Wrath over the Wreath and the exercise of Free Speech
Local look: Neighborhood fights over peace wreath

Christian Groups to Boycott Religious Warfare Kid Vid

This shows Intro and Outro was: "Waterboardin'" by Tom Smith
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