Deep Fabulousity Podcast

Deep Fab - Episode 00095 - Back From The Dead

Nov. 29, 2007

Well! Where have I been for the last three months you might be wondering?

As you'll find out in this show, I fill you in on where I've been, what I've been doing, and maybe even whom I've been doing ... But don't get too excited, it doesn't mean I've been hooking up with Republican Congressmen. But, I can admit that if I had to do something sexually explicit to Bush or Cheney to get them impeached ... I would have done it by now.

On a more serious note, you'll find out that my free-lance is using new technology (the Microsoft Mobile SDK) and that has been a tremendous learning curve for me. Getting back into Microsoft technology galls me, but as far as mobile development goes, Java and he J2ME (java 2 Micro Edition) ain't there yet. Also, I do play World of Warcraft, and I found out some of the kids in the troop play ... and some of the adults, so I created new characters on that server and I've been trying to level my characters. Unfortunately, I put my podcasting on the back-burner. Rest assured, this was not LAST on my list. Actually cleaning my house and going to the gym, and watching my Netflix movies has actually been at the bottom of my list.

So, I apologize for the long absence, and I will definitely try to be better in the future. This episode is brought to you by Esscents Candles!

The opening intro was:
"Podcasting is the new Revolution" by Pacific Coast Hellway
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