Deep Fabulousity Podcast

Deep Fab - episode 0098 - Late As Usual

March 22, 2008

As usual, I record this podcast last Sunday, and here I am just publishing to my blog/podcast site. As I write this I am down in Ptown for the first time this year. It's under new management, but not the management I thought it would be. Anyway, I figured it was time I publish this file.

As usual, this show is brought to you by Esscents Candles. It's the Spring Holiday Season, so please get those awesome Gel Candles for holiday gifts.

In this podcast, I talk about the first week in March where I attended the "DrupalCon Boston 2008" conference. It was in my own backyard so to speak. I got up early each day, took our train system we call the MBTA and got myself to the convention center for that week. I also explain what Drupal is in case you don't know.

Finally, I get good and angry about politics and money. I talk about John McCain and how he is the last Republicunt candidate. It was the last choice of the GOP, and now they have to back-peddle and support this senile old coot. Oh if Mitt Romney wasn't a mormon, I can only speculate that the GOP would have supported him.

The last straw for me has to be the financial crisis. Yes Virginia ... we are in a deep recession and a lot of Americans are gonna get FUCKED!!! As usual, those in middle-America who will be hurt the most are those who supported this administration the most. As usual, they voted against their own best economic interests. By voting for Bush, they hurt themselves, the rest of the country, and the world. Quite honestly, financial ruin isn't the worst punishment for you ... but you got what you deserved!!!

Thankfully, I got my new Prius ... gas may be expensive, but hopefully it won't hurt as much. Although, I still have home heating fuel, and that is even more expensive, but Spring is here, and that shouldn't be too much of an issue. And if you're wondering why gas is so high ... OPEC has it right, and the White House will deny it ... but yes, the dollar is in the crapper and almost not worth anything anymore.

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