Dave 'Softy' Mahler and Dick Fain

Softy and Dick H1 - Have we seen the last of Felix? / Would you take the Clippers if...? / Rob Bolton on the PGA Championship

May 16, 2019

The Pelicans won the Zion Williamson, but what if he goes back to Duke? It's not likely, but it could happen, and it would be fascinating to watch. Felix was placed on the disabled list after last weekend's rough start, and it looks like he'll be out for at least a month. Is this the last we've seen of the King? It's very possible that they find a way to bring him back for one final send-off, but anything more than that seems unlikely. A question that's been tossed around on the station today: If you could bring the Clippers to Seattle today, but you'd have to keep the Clippers name, would you take it? It's amazing how many people are stubbornly against the idea simply to save the Sonics name. Now if you knew you only had to wait a year or two, that might be a different story. The PGA Championship is about to begin. How is Tiger looking, and how will the weather impact the course? We talk with Rob Bolton of PGATour.com.

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