Dave 'Softy' Mahler and Dick Fain

Softy and Dick H1 - Who is Jesse Biddle? / Petros Papadakis: Petros' phone number / Warriors prefer Klay doesn't play

June 5, 2019

Tonight, you can hear Game 3 of the NBA Finals right here in 950 KJR, but before that, the Sounders take on the Montreal Impact. All of that means a short show for us. The Mariners lose yet again last night, and it wasn't close. Softy settled in to watch the game, and as yet another reliever took to the mound he had one thought: "Who's Jesse Biddle?" The roster has turned over so much this year that it's hard to keep track of who's even on the roster anymore. Even if you follow the team for your job like we do, roster moves, trades, guys being optioned, DFA'ed; sometimes it slips past the radar. Jesse Biddle is 27. He's not the next big thing. So why is he here? Let's bring up some of our future guys and see what they have. Petros Papadakis gets moved up an hour today. He gives out his phone number on the show. The Warriors would prefer that Klay Thompson doesn't play tonight. It seems like it would still be best if he warmed up before the game to see how he felt. How many injuries can Golden State handle while still remaining the dominant team they've been?

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