Dave 'Softy' Mahler and Dick Fain

Softy and Dick H1 - Mike Gastineau co-hosting / Kevin Pelton's Shrapnel Challenge / Future Power Rankings / Golden Tate's QB remarks

July 17, 2019

Mike Gastineau is filling again for Softy one again today. It was close, but despite poorly-timed ferry maintenance, and ever-worsening Seattle traffic, he managed to make it here on time. Yesterday, we challenged Kevin Pelton to use the word shrapnel on TV. Did he do it? ESPN have released their future power rankings looking at the next three NFL seasons, ranking each team in five categories. Seahawks came in at #5 overall. #1 was.... the Colts? Golden Tate, in an interview with a Detroit media outlet, said Matt Stafford was the best quarterback he'd ever played with. Really? Better than Wilson? What an odd thing to say.

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