Speak English With A British Accent

Tip for Spontaneous Speaking - Spontaneous Speaking In Biz Tip Strategy -Sacred Hours and Your British Accent - Conversation Phrases (C) - Time Connectives Quiz

Nov. 10, 2023

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Time Connectives Quiz: 

  1. ______, next steps were outlined prior to concluding the meeting.

a) then
b)as well as
c) during

2. ______, after months of diligent work, testing was completed successfully.


3.______ to training teams, resources were invested in marketing.

a) then
c)in addition

4. ____, sales were slow but momentum gradually increased.

a- as well as

b -initially

c- then

5. ______ preparing the presentation, handouts were created.

a) then

b) initially

c)as well as


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