Friends Church Calgary Weekly Message

The Ecclesiastes Conundrum

July 23, 2018

Speaker: Tom Morris
You've likely experienced how the further you travel on the spiritual journey, your growth and learning opportunities morph from one kind of challenge or assignment into another. In the early stages the challenge is often quite simple: follow the rules given to you by someone you trusted. Further down the road, the assignments can become much more unique and complex based on your personal situations. Anything from what rules you keep, to what beliefs you hold, to what needs you should meet around you. One of the greater challenges that can surface, especially for those who have been on the journey for a while, is to prevent your heart from closing off. What does that even mean? I'm going to explain on Sunday and explore ways of preventing it. See you at the gym. To donate to this podcast and support the making of more of these please visit neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.