Friends Church Calgary Weekly Message

Getting Forgiveness and Forgiving Ourselves

Jan. 27, 2019

Speaker: Vince Klassen

What do you do when you have screwed up? It was maybe a lapse in judgement on your part or a misunderstanding, but the result is that you've hurt someone in your life. How do you recover from that? Can you get Freedom from it?

Or maybe the issue is a little deeper, you can't forgive yourself: for hurting someone, for not being enough, for not being perfect.  Sometimes there is nothing harder than Moving On from your own mistakes!  From your own screw ups!

So how do we Move On when we are the person that needs forgiveness?

This is the final week of our Moving On series where we are finding Freedom from the wounds of our past.  If this is something you need, make it a priority this week.  And if there is someone in your life that needs help to Move On, do something nice for them and invite them along.

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