Friends Church Calgary Weekly Message

Disagreement vs Our Inner A$$hole

March 24, 2019

** This message contains adult language that may not be considered suitable for younger listeners **

Speaker: Vince Klassen

I'm guessing we have all been at that place where we blink our eyes a few times and realize that the world around us, the relationships around us, have just been seriously beat up by our inner a$$hole. We see pain in our kids eyes, in our partner's face, in our friends body language, in our colleagues willingness to work with us again. That's the legacy of our inner a$$hole.

How do we stop our inner a$$hole before it destroys our lives?

There seems to be a common "pathway" our brain goes through that often leads to our inner a$$hole taking over.  If this "pathway" is unconscious I'm guessing your inner a$$hole is running unchecked through your life. But if we can get conscious of this "pathway", if we can start to see it, we can stop it before it destroys our lives.

Jesus saw it 2000 years ago. His spiritual ancestors even before that.  It's time for us to start seeing it.

See you Sunday! Bring a friend who is working on controlling their inner a$$hole, they will appreciate it!

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