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Joseph Glatthaar, General Lee’s Army: From Victory to Collapse | NC Bookwatch

Dec. 1, 2014

The history of Lee's army is a powerful lens on the entire war. The fate of Lee's army explains why the South almost won -- and why it lost. The story of his men -- their reasons for fighting, their cohesion, mounting casualties, diseases, supply problems, and discipline problems -- tells it all. Glatthaar's definitive account settles many historical arguments. The Rebels were fighting above all to defend slavery. More than half of Lee's men were killed, wounded, or captured -- a staggering statistic. Their leader, Robert E. Lee, though far from perfect, held an exalted place in his men's eyes despite a number of mistakes and despite a range of problems among some of his key lieutenants. In this episode, Glatthaar shares his General Lee's Army--a masterpiece of scholarship and vivid storytelling, narrated as much as possible in the words of the enlisted men and their officers.

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