Glamour Of Sport - The Sport Arena   The Road to Grow
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Glamour Of Sport - The Sport Arena The Road to Grow

Schools are always served as a cradle for nurturing young athletes. Not only sports offer students the opportunity to develop their potential and sharpen athletic skills, they also provide valuable skills for dealing with many life’s challenges. According to the statistics of Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation, more than one hundred thousand young athletes, namely up to twenty percent secondary school students and more than ten percent primary school students, join the inter-schools sports competitions every year. As for college teenagers and students with special educational needs, their lives will also be enriched throughout sports. The main theme of programme “Glamour of Sports ” is a series of documentary with 8 episodes which includes the following sports :basketball, tug-of-war, dragon Boat Race, swimming, cricket, rowing, climbing of trees and running.

Dec. 15, 2014

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