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How To Develop Your Warrior Spirit And Mindset – Rafa Conde (Ep. 151)

Dec. 26, 2017

Rafa Conde, undercover narcotics officer, SWAT officer, hostage negotiator, and defensive tactics and firearms instructor, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Rafa talks about how to harness the warrior’s spirit and create an unstoppable mindset for success. He uses his diverse background to teach us the many life lessons he’s come to learn over the years and how we can apply this into our everyday lives. If you’re wondering what it takes to develop your warrior spirit and build a warrior’s mentality that will help you become the best man you can be, check this episode out now!

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In our episode we go over:

  • Rafa Conde’s diverse background in law enforcement and martial arts training
  • The training that goes into practical, real-world self-defense
  • Rafa’s life or death fist fight during an undercover operation with a criminal
  • The best martial arts for real life self-defense and for a life or death situation
  • The potential dangers of dabbling in martial arts and why this might lead to a false sense of confidence
  • What types of thoughts go through your mind in a life or death fight and how to train your mind to be prepared for this type of scenario
  • The quickest way to end a fight when you need to
  • The importance of being armed with a weapon
  • The psychological effect of seeing blood coming out of you and what this does to most people’s willpower
  • The story of the man who couldn’t pull himself up off the building to save his life and the examples of old ladies who’ve lifted up cars to save family members in distress
  • The importance of having the warrior spirit as a man and how this affects your life
  • The profound aspects that go into developing the warrior spirit and why you can’t neglect any one of these areas
  • What’s wrong with the millennial generation and how they can fix this
  • Taking responsibility for your own life and your own problems
  • Why Elite Man Podcast listeners are ahead of the curve and leading the way for the future
  • The power of mentorship and having great male role models
  • The fact that successful people don’t always make the right decisions but that they make their decisions right
  • Implementing the warrior spirit and the warrior mindset into your life every single day

Check out Rafa on:

Website: manofwar.live

Facebook: facebook.com/manofwarpodcast

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