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How To Make A Killer First Impression Anywhere By Being More Stylish, Charismatic, And Likable – Myke Macapinlac (Ep. 168)

April 24, 2018

Myke Macapinlac, life coach, author, and social confidence expert, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Myke returns to the podcast to talk about first impressions and how we can master them across all areas. He shares his personal challenges over the years with struggling to fit in and be confident, and the specific steps he took to dramatically change his life. In our chat Myke and I cover mindset, confidence, body language, style, and conversational strategies for success. If you’re wondering how to make a great first impression whether for a date, a business meeting, an interview, or anywhere else where you want to showcase your best self to the world, check this episode out now!

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In our episode we go over:

  • The early struggles Myke had in his life and why his self-esteem was badly damaged for years
  • Why he became severely obese and how this affected his confidence
  • How Myke Macapinlac broke out of his shell, took charge of his life, and gained true confidence in himself
  • Focusing on things you can control and manipulate in your life as opposed to things like your height, hair, and natural looks
  • The importance of presenting yourself in the best light
  • The many aspects to a first impression and why it takes a multifaceted approach to master
  • Why everyone judges a book by its cover and what this means for how to approach first impressions
  • Gaining confidence quickly by doing the easy but important things in life
  • Managing your mindset even before you enter a place and even before anyone sees you, and why this is perhaps the most important step for improving your first impressions
  • Strategies for improving your mindset beforehand
  • Improving your body language and why this immediately makes your appearance better
  • The best ways to optimize your body language before you head outside
  • The insidious effects of having a poor or negative conversation and talking about things that bring the energy of the group down
  • Why style matters and how to create the ideal style that fits you and your personality
  • How to create a more interesting look by tweaking just a few things
  • What Myke’s style consists of and the particular look that he goes for
  • The best style and fashion tips for men that translates directly into improving your first impression
  • Working with your build and your natural looks
  • Conversational tips for better first impressions
  • How to connect with someone right away

Check out Myke on:

Website: socialconfidencemastery.com

Book: Killer First Impressions

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