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How To Double Your Life Span, Turn Back The Clock On Aging, And Reverse All Chronic Disease – Dr. Michael Fossel (Ep. 169)

May 1, 2018

Dr. Michael Fossel, the world's foremost expert on aging and the clinical use of telomerase for age-related diseases, and the author of the ground-breaking new book The Telomerase Revolution, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Dr. Fossel talks about the use of telomerase in curing age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, heart disease, and many more. He discusses the profound role of telomeres in age-related diseases, and aging itself, and how by re-lengthening our telomeres, we can reverse almost all disease, and perhaps even more remarkable, dramatically slow down aging. Dr. Fossel and I go over this revolutionary new approach coming to a doctor’s office near you in the very, very near future, and what the implications and projections of its use actually look like. I’ll give you a hint now: no more Alzheimer’s and doubling your life span! If you’re wondering how the hell this is all possible, what telomeres actually are, and why telomerase is the key to unlocking and curing so much sickness, disease, and aging, check this episode out now!

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In our episode we go over:

  • How Dr. Michael Fossel first became interested in aging and age-related diseases
  • Why so many scientists and doctors are looking at just a small piece of the entire picture and the fact that they haven’t been able to cure any of the major chronic diseases
  • Why telomeres are the key to aging and why telomerase holds the key to controlling them
  • Why telomeres are the most effective place to intervene in terms of reversing age-related diseases
  • The fact that telomeres are not the end-all-be-all of aging (aging has many different components to it), but their major role in it
  • What telomeres actually do inside the body and why they’re so important
  • Why telomeres function like the conductor of your cells, keeping everything in tune and “sounding” great
  • How telomerase works and how Dr. Fossel is using them to lengthen telomeres
  • What types of diseases telomerase can help reverse by lengthening telomeres
  • The accurate predictions Dr. Fossel has made regarding telomeres over the last few decades and what his newest predictions are
  • The research and the success Dr. Fossel has had in the lab and in testing his telomerase applications on mice
  • How soon this telomerase application will be available for Alzheimer’s disease
  • The cost of this treatment and how it would be applied for Alzheimer’s and for other conditions in the body
  • Whether or not herbs like Astragalus can help naturally re-lengthen telomeres
  • The Hayflick Limit and it’s important relevance to telomeres and why we age
  • How cell division works and why it’s essentially the reason why we get old and develop disease
  • The fact that cell repair slows with age and why re-lengthening telomeres speeds up the repair process
  • The analogy of having a boat on a lake and being able to traverse around the lake infinitely without issue, unless of course the water level drops
  • The cells like germ cells that don’t age and some stem and cancer cells that age very differently than other cells
  • Why Dr. Michael Fossel is like the Wright Brothers and why he is going to revolutionize the world in a couple of years
  • Doubling our life spans and how this will be done with the help of telomerase
  • Dr. Fossel’s predictions for 10-15 years from now on Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and all other chronic degenerative diseases

Check out Dr. Fossel on:

Website: michaelfossel.com

Book: The Telomerase Revolution

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