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How To Get In Shape, Eat Healthier, And Kick More Ass While Traveling Around The World – John Fawkes (Ep. 187)

Sept. 4, 2018

John Fawkes, personal trainer, writer, and digital nomad, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode John talks about his experiences traveling around the world and how he went about staying in shape and optimizing his health. He discusses what types of exercises he used, what types of foods he ate, and how he was able to sleep great whilst traveling abroad. John covers workout routines, dieting, fasting, sleeping, sex, biohacking, and traveling tips galore in this jam-packed episode. If you’re wondering how to optimize your health and fitness, whether traveling overseas or sleeping in your own bed, check this episode out now!

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In our episode we go over:

  • How John became a traveling digital nomad and why he knew staying in shape during his travels was going to be a challenge
  • How he ended up cracking this puzzle fairly quickly
  • Why counting calories is almost impossible when traveling or living in another country and what to do instead
  • Whether or not counting macronutrients is possible and how to balance these out
  • How to choose healthy food options no matter what country you’re in
  • What the satiety index is and why this can be beneficial for stifling your appetite
  • Why having a variety of different types of foods is typically the best approach for staying healthy
  • Whether or not gluten is truly as evil as most people believe
  • What foods to absolutely avoid while traveling or living in another country
  • Whether or not intermittent fasting has a role in optimizing your health
  • The types of workouts that John did while traveling and why he did things that he could do in virtually any environment
  • The high intensity exercises that John used and why his workouts were generally only about 20 or so minutes long
  • Why John had to get really creative and inventive in coming up with some basic gym equipment but why anyone can duplicate what he did
  • How often John recommends you work out and how often you should rest
  • How to actually build more muscle while traveling as opposed to just maintaining (or losing) what you have
  • How to optimize your sleep when you travel
  • What sleep supplements to consider taking when you go on the road and why
  • How to hack your inflammation levels to improve your hypertrophic gains
  • Why inflammation is good and bad at times (not always bad as we tend to think)
  • How to find a good supplement line or brand you can trust (like say, Elite Life Nutrition)
  • How to boost your sex drive naturally
  • The exercise that strengthens your penis muscles and allows you to perform better
  • What the Coolidge Effect is and why this phenomenon can make you healthier if you take advantage of it
  • How to do Kegel exercises for men

Check out John on:

Website: johnfawkes.com

Twitter:  twitter.com/johnfawkes

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