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How To Heal Your Body And Brain Using Extreme Cold, Breathing Techniques, And Meditation – Wim Hof (Ep. 190)

Sept. 25, 2018

Wim “The Iceman” Hof, world record holder, Dutch extreme athlete, and pioneer in breathing and extreme cold therapy, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Wim talks about the incredible 26 world records he’s achieved and the unbelievable accomplishments he’s performed like climbing up Mt. Everest in nothing but shorts and shoes, completing a half marathon in temperatures bordering around -4 degrees, and staying immersed in ice water for nearly two hours, and how he went about doing these seemingly impossible tasks. He discusses his ground-breaking method called The Wim Hof Method and why anyone can learn to incorporate it into their lives. Wim and I discuss the profound health benefits his method features, and why its core tenants of cold exposure, specific breathing techniques, and meditation can completely change your health and life. If you’re wondering how to supercharge your health and heal your mind and body, check this episode out now!

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In our episode we go over:

  • Why Wim climbs up mountains in his shorts and swims in ice-cold water regularly
  • Why Wim turned to nature as a way to heal himself and find true happiness
  • The science behind the Wim Hof Method and how he’s been able to demonstrate in scientific studies his ability to actually control the autonomic nervous system and manually take over his stress response in extreme conditions
  • The benefits that his method has on a vast number of conditions, especially mental health
  • What happens to the body physiologically when you breathe in the manner that Wim recommends
  • Why the freezing cold water attracted Wim and why he dove into it both literally and metaphorically in his life
  • How the freezing cold water taught Wim how to breathe the right way
  • The fact that the cold can boost your immune system remarkably
  • The fact that anyone can learn Wim’s method for boosting his immune system and fighting off the extreme cold in some of the toughest conditions in the world
  • Our 80,000 miles of vascular channels inside of us and why the cold stimulates these channels to function better, similar to working out your muscles at the gym
  • Why a cold shower a day can keep the doctor away and how to commence this seemingly extreme daily habit
  • Why your breath can elicit such a healing power throughout your body and the fact that science is actually beginning to demonstrate its efficacy that no one can dispute
  • How Wim’s breathing technique actually works and how to do it right now and reap its rewards
  • How often you should use Wim’s breathing techniques and how long you should do them for when you do actually do them
  • The meditation aspect of Wim’s approach and why he’s such a big proponent in meditating regularly
  • Wim’s spiritual belief and why he’s so connected to nature
  • Why meditating can help you tap into the autonomous nervous system and help you regulate your mood like virtually nothing else we’ve discovered
  • Breathing and believing and the power these two can enact on your mind
  • Why you should follow your feelings when meditating
  • What Wim’s diet consists of
  • Whether or not Wim gets sick throughout the year like the rest of us mere mortals

Check out Wim on:

Website: wimhofmethod.com

Tour Dates: wimhofmethod.com/tourdates

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