JSE Direct with Simon Brown

Market Standard 03 August 2020

Aug. 3, 2020


/ US earnings season

/ Q2 GDP data is coming in at about -10%

/ US jobless claims remain stuck at around 1.4million and CARES has ended, albeit congress is in talks

/ Alphabet says WFH until summer 2021 & Zuckerberg says there’s ‘no end in sight’ for Facebook employees WFH

/ Big tech results (Amazon, FB, Alphabet & Apple) knock it out the park

/ Big tech breakup congressional hearings


/ Steinhoff wants to settle claims

/ Europa Metals booms 16,000%, except it didn’t (500:1 consolidation)

/ ANG ceo quits

/ Vivo Energy results as fuel sales decline

/ GLD closes July at an all-time high

/ City Lodge rights issue 13:1

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