Brian Lehrer's Podcast About "Parks and Recreation"

Parks & Recap: Land Feuds & City Council Shenanigans

Jan. 14, 2015


So save this and listen to it only after you’ve seen the first two episodes.

Linda Holmes, host of NPR's entertainment and pop-culture blog, Monkey See, joins Brian for a weekly chat about the final season of the NBC series Parks and Recreation, known for finding the humor in policy wonkiness. In last night's premiere, Leslie Knope is hoping to turn a plot of land right in Pawnee into a national park. Jeremy Garncarz, senior director for designations at The Wilderness Society, explains the ins and outs of land preservation.

We are getting (more) wonky. How would Leslie Knope actually get a parcel of private land to become a national park on @parksandrecnbc?

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