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Swimming Ideas Podcast 007: Teaching Platforms for Pool

Feb. 23, 2015


We got a response on our new user survey that gets sent out with all new members of our swimming ideas mailing list. Want 3 free downloads? Go to Swimminglessonsideas.com and download the 3 free lesson plans.


This user wanted to talk about how Platforms can be scary for new swimmers and may not always be the best choice for lessons. We go in depth into why they are excellent tools, and how you can make your platforms safe and effective in your lesson.


Build your own, or  Buy Pre-Made?






  • Let participants stand in water they can touch. Usually up to chest or shoulders, sometimes belly
  • Gives a home base
    • Let's participants have their own "Class" area
  • Can use two and have participants go back and forth between with a safe shallower area, with deeper in between.
  • Excellent Teaching aide tool








  • Wobbly - move around and are scary
  • Might tip over
  • Participants can fall off
  • They can be crowded if they're too small

Links to Buy your own:


Swim Teaching Platform 1.2m x 1.1m"> Product 1



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