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Swimming Ideas Podcast 016: Removing Okay from your Teaching Vocabulary

May 4, 2015

We're going to do front floats, Okay?


We're going to do front floats, Bobby, you're first, ready go.


Which sounds better? Which one gives a command, and which one gives authority to the participants to choose whether or not they're going to follow directions.


Fundamental Difference in behavior from class in a simple statement, simple word.



Subtle word change makes your commands actual commands, or questions which relinquish authority to your students giving them an implied choice to either participate or not.


When you add "okay" to the end of your sentence then you are effectively asking them if they agree to do something. They have the power then.


We need to give commands without the opportunity to disagree. Remember, if they hesitate, we have to offer an alternative to the command that they CAN accomplish, like Swimming Ideas Podcast 011: Using Progressions.


Most people say "Okay" at end of sentences because they are really saying:


Do you understand?

Did you hear me?

Are you ready?


Removing pauses and Ums.

Be Confident

 Speak in short commands

 Have a plan: lesson plans

 Know the material.

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