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SIP 028: What is your first day of swimming lessons workflow?

July 26, 2015

Swimming Lessons Ideas Program:


Print out rosters

Check existing participant database against current roster

Verify level and group

Assign to instructor

New participants:

Interview parents to determine ability level

Use age as an indicator (avoid putting 5 year olds with 10)

Assign to instructor based on confidence, parent interview, age

Observation during the lesson

Managers and instructors verify the correct placement of swimmers in classes.

If participant needs to switch a class to be more appropriate we move them immediately on the first day


Program A


Print out rosters: Camps

Line up all participants on the side of the pool.

Have 5 -6 swim instructors in the water ready to test swimmers

1-2 managers with a binder on the deck, watching each participant do a swim test

Test: Go underwater, freestyle, backstroke, free breathing, fly swim, breaststroke swim

Take all data from first day and that evening separate into classes for Day 2.


Program B


Registration based on levels specific to certain days/times:

Level 1: Monday 3:00pm

Level 2: Monday 3:30pm

Level 3: Monday 4:00pm


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