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SIP 034: Bringing Meditation Techniques into swimming

Oct. 19, 2015

How did I arrive at it?

Podcast: Art of Charm http://theartofcharm.com/





What exactly am I talking about?

Encouraging swimmers to "think" about swimming as they do it

Promote "attempts"

Promote awareness of what you're doing, acknowledge difference and attempt change.


How does this connect to meditation:

Not stillness

Acknowledgement: Breathe with eyes closed, focus on breathing. When you become aware of yourself thinking of something else, make a note "Hey, I'm thinking of something not my breathing. Then go BACK to thinking about breath.


Same with swimming. I'm attempting what the coach said to focus on, I'm attempting to do something. When you realize you're NOT doing that. Think, "ahah! I'm not doing that." Then, attempt to return to focusing on what the goal is.


Appropriate for all ages? No.

Used more in a swim team or pre-swim team setting where you can hold the attention for longer. No harm in attempting it with younger swimmers, but games and play is better for beginners, or those between 3-7.


What do you think? Have you done it?



We have an arch or a theme for our swim team right now, a macrocycle if you're familiar with it. That theme is "Balance, Line, and Posture" and how that fits into swimming. Our goal is to be mindful and aware of those three things throughout our practices.


We did this set at practice:


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