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SIP 056: Challenges in Swim Lessons

April 10, 2017

Are you in a rut? Have you taught the same lessons over and over for years? They work, they're great, and they're interesting for the kids, but how can you amuse yourself and your students without disrupting the flow of your tried and true lesson plans?


Do a series of Challenges.


What are challenges?


Challenges are simple achievable games and activities that you give to your swimmers in a lesson. Some examples:

  • Do a flip
  • Do a handstand that turns into a flip
  • Do a back float, roll over on your belly, then roll over on you back again. Or Front float, back float, front float roll.
  • Do 2 flips in 5 seconds
  • Put only your lips underwater and not your nose for 5 seconds.
  • Stand on a noodle without touching the bottom and keeping your head above water for 10 seconds.
  • Wrestle an alligator for three spins
  • Jump in with a splash lower than the ladder handles
  • Jump in with a splash higher than the ladder handles


A physically achievable activity that may not be easy to accomplish; some may fail and that's okay.


Where does the concept come from?

One of the category of games from How to Create Fun and Effective Swim Games

Get a copy here: http://amzn.to/2plJJq6


How have I used them in lessons recently?


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