Swimming Ideas Podast

SIP 091: Swimming Ideas' Levels

Sept. 14, 2020

Find out what Swimming Ideas Level structure is and why we use it. Learn the nuances of each level and the progression of skills that takes a 3 year old who doesn't like the water to a competitive swim team swimmer.

For all the information covered here go to: https://www.swimminglessonsideas.com/resources/

Level 1: https://www.swimminglessonsideas.com/blog/level-1/

Level 2: https://www.swimminglessonsideas.com/blog/level-2/

Level 3: https://www.swimminglessonsideas.com/blog/level-3/

Level 4: https://www.swimminglessonsideas.com/blog/level-4/

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