The Comfort Killers Radio

Focus on INCOME not SPENDING [Part 1 of 3]

March 31, 2016

Today’s topic is all about side hustles, side business and understanding that more income should be your goal. We will also answer the question... Should you follow your passion? Or should you follow something else! Yes today’s show will be powerful because it is what you were waiting for. Simple answers to life’s most majestic questions. Plus a little later in the show as a bonus, my mentor will share a word on PROSPERITY which diffused my confusion about wealth. I hope you will enjoy that. Here are my money principles: • Make your money work for you – Treat your income as if it is a slave, a worker for your – Ever heard the saying don’t let money control you! It is absolutely right. When I learned this principle and put it into action I began to appreciate what money is and how much time I get back when I let it work for me. Decide to make money work for you and you will begin to open all those closed doors, you will create opportunity to make it work • Money wants attention – Another principle is money wants attention. It wants a job, it wants to do something – This principle comes from the mindset of abundance. We live in a world of abundance – your money also lives in this world and wants to be acknowledged. Do you know how much is coming in? Going out? Where it’s going? How much more will come in? The energy of the money going out? When the energy around money is of lack, scarcity, evil, hate – the money that is returned to you never stays around. It cannot. Stop being a miser… Do this exercise: Hold your hand up and make a fist. A person that comes from lack and scarcity treats money like this, the coins, money, cash, opportunity is inside the fist. Never giving more than the tight fist will allow. Well the same fist will never be able to have anything come inside it either. Look at your hand. Nothing out. Nothing in. That is not paying attention so it doesn’t pay. • The third money principle is in the understanding that you can’t make money. - You create opportunities that allows for the flow of income! Yeah! You heard it... You can’t make money – it’s illegal. The fed makes money, they print it... Your job, your 9-5 all that is an opportunity that you created that is the vehicle to which an income flow is received. See how the mindset changes and your view on money is changed. This brings me to a point of paying bills. People hate paying bills, I used to hate the beginning, middle and end of the month because rent was due, electric, water, gas and cable. But guess what? We use the services happily... We love to turn on lights throughout the house and appreciate what it does for our family. Heat keeps us warm at night... Running water, resources throughout the town, city and neighborhood. Why are we so damn upset? The energy of the money you give out again has to be in a mindset of abundance. Try to appreciate paying for the services rendered than being in a state of anger, resent, hopeless and negativity. Remain uncomfortable, Stacy Cross neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.