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How to Shift Your Mindset Once and For All!

April 21, 2016

Remember we can’t talk about things that we don’t understand and we don’t understand things because we don’t know their meaning. MINDSET: 1) a particular way of thinking: A person’s attitude or set opinions about something. 2) a mental attitude or inclination 3) a fixed state of mind. Fixed, are you fixed in the prosperity mindset? The abundance, do you look around and all you see is abundance everywhere? I mean down to the shit you won’t even think of. I drive past center city philadelphia going to the resource center. First off, everyone has cars, theres a million cars around me ABUNDANCE – you see traffic, I see abundance. The buildings, skyscrapers, fancy, and beautiful architecture. Again I look at all those syscrapers and see abundance, you see fog! The trees. I pass at least 40,000 trees a day. You don’t even see them, I see abundance. What about water. .. you turn on your faucet – what do you see man? I see abundance. I see wealth, prosperity, abundance – even in the shittiest places. How about opportunity? How many people I spoke to in Philly told me there are no jobs. What! ?? No jobs? How does a person say there are no jobs out there? Man next time someone asks you if you got a job say, I am still waiting on the right opportunity for me. I am still working on alignin my frequency to that perfect job. Opportunity is everwhere… man. I open the paper, craigslist, I see people going places constantly – they working. What are you doing ? Watching judge judy?? Then you’re right there are no jobs FOR YOU! How about health? Organic is expensive, it’s a mindset – its expensive to eat healthy.. I want to go to the gym but its too far. EXCUSES and living in an unhealthy mindset. How about MONEY – This is a big one. Wealth.. how do you see money? CHANGE YOUR MINDSET! neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.