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Prosper Taruvinga Gets Uncomfortable with Stacy Cross

April 28, 2016

I follow Prosper on Instagram and just watched his success from a distance until one day I decided to contact him and ask for a chat for this podcast. Prosper was speedy quick to answer the call to action and today is the result of that intention. Ladies and gentleman it was a hell of a show today. Not only did I get personal and developmental nuggets that will help progress my own journey to success, I gained a friend in the process. This is where true value is found... it is in the never thought it was there to begin with, experience. It is found deep inside, OUTSIDE of your comfort zone. Just think - What if I was too scared to ask for that interview.. What if I thought about it but didn't follow up? You have to take life by the horns and take action for yourself, it is the only way you will find the value. Again, the value is in my experience and I thank Prosper for sharing his with me. Prosper is more than a husband, father and entrepreneur.. he is full of life, energy and love - he wants to help take humanity to new levels and heights. Just listen to his goals !! I am motivated, inspired and interested in this new life I set for myself and Prosper was able to help solidify and validate my mission. Here are some notes about Prosper Taruvinga, we hope you like the show. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.