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Focus on INCOME not SPENDING [Part 3 of 3]

May 5, 2016

Yooooo Comfort Killers! Stacy here for your weekly dose, sharing practical steps, useful and actionable tips on how YOU can get uncomfortable. Last week I sat with Prosper Taruvinga who totally, 100%edly smashed the podcast universe when he explained how he gets uncomfortable. I stole some things. I am the knowledge thief. The only time I want to be known as a thief is when I steal some KNOWLEDGE which he had plenty of. Since then I spoke to Prosper twice and both times our talks got deeper and allowed me to look into my own life for ways to be better. I am Stacy Cross you can find me on Facebook, twitter, snap chat (MY SNAPS share my journey NOT my story) and as always I am on my home base I learned about building systems and automating success. It’s totally crazy how my calendar is full. My pipeline full. My energy FULL. My journey to success ladies and gentlemen is full of successful experiences and I am happy to share it with the world. My mission in life is to teach MILLIONS how to get uncomfortable. Before we get started I am going to ask that you pause this recording and join our Facebook group. It is a closed group and ONLY COMFORT KILLERS ARE ALLOWED. Yes we are selfish! Earlier today I dropped a video on the subject of Mentors and I share very specifically how to go about finding mentors and coaches and where you can get the best ones. Jump on CKTV right now and watch that before its too late!! Today is the THIRD, 1 of 3, last installment of the ultra-mini, series: FOCUS ON INCOME NOT SPENDING In part 1: Make money work for you, How you can’t make money and your money wants attention! In part 2: Taxes, Three Types of Income. And now, Part 3: Weallllllth! – What is wealth? Let’s look it up! According to Merriam-Webster wealth is defined as: 1: a large amount of money and possessions 2: the value of all the property, possessions, and money that someone or something has. 3: a large amount or number. Now let’s get deeper. The word wealth was first used in the 13th century so let’s figure the old meaning. Middle English word welthe, from wele, weal. 1: abundance. 2: all property that has a money value or an exchangeable value 3: all material objects that have economic utility. The word WEAL! – Let’s take it back. 1: a sound, healthy, or prosperous state: well-being. So to be wealthy, the way I understand it is to be healthy, abundant, and prosperous. Wealth is not just about money comfort killers. Wealth is deeper than just your house, your car your money! Get it. Wealth is a state of being not a state of things. Wealth is understanding, knowledge and wisdom, here is why. If a wealthy man loses all his money either at the hands of wolves, thieves, family, temporary losses. That man can accumulate more wealth in a short amount of time. He is on a wealth frequency. If another person just has money … at the hands of the casino, lottery, inheritance (why do you think folks that inherited lots of money loses it and is now poor and middle class?) they do not know how to DUPLICATE it! To duplicate is to experience and is to have wealth. So which one do I want!! Wealth – the entire state, I want the Comfort Killers 360 Life. Which one do you want? I had a money block! Most of middle class has money blocks and believe that working for their money is the only option. Eating unhealthy is something affordable. Drinking soda and over consumption. The poverty mindset is a definite. I want to focus on income building, passive income and yes WEALTH the state of well-being. How do we get there, well here’s one thing. Confront your finances. Each one of these three parts in this series, I had to experience. Otherwise, how the hell can I give it to you? How can I share it? Remain uncomfortable, Stacy [email protected] neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.