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The Universe Is Ready When You Are

May 19, 2016

Hello Comfort Killers hope all is well in life and business, in health and fitness in love and abundance! I There is a time to prepare there is a time to plan but it’s always time for action are you ready? Are you ready to get uncomfortable friends? Let’s go! I had the pleasure of attending a leadership summit in Orlando Florida for my resource center this past week and if you have me on snapchat then you were able to witness my travels through the streams posted. If you don’t already have me added to your snap chat do so now my handle is stacyacross (no space and no e). On twitter I am stacyacross again no space and no e. As always you can find The Comfort Killers on Facebook – (no s) - So I wrote down some wins and lessons learned from the summit and I had plenty of both but I want to share the biggest ones with you which corresponds to this episode titled “The Universe is Ready When You Are” – meaning if you are committed to change your life and attain the success you desire, you have to be willing to take action even if you don’t know what the hell you’re doing right now or how you will achieve it. The universe is always listening, waiting, and available but it is up to us to get the ball rolling. Now! The biggest takeaway from the leadership summit is how I was able to feel fear coming and expand anyway. This is important to note because the one thing that tends to hold us back from taking action is fear. Let’s take a look at the definition of FEAR and see if it’s an illusion like everything else in our mind. Get your Webster’s out. Now that we know what FEAR is, let me ask “is it a barrier and obstacle that we place on ourselves?” I’m asking rhetorically because I almost added a filter of illusion just yesterday on myself. First let me explain the night before (Tuesday night) The second take away is VALIDATION. The universe will validate your commitment. If at any time after you made a decision let’s say - go back to school to earn a degree... Let’s say you received your Diploma and you want to return to school for architecture. The validation will either start coming your way in waves. First you might notice a magazine on the subject – you’re looking around in a bookstore and you just happen to notice this magazine on architecture – you think nothing of it and you don’t get the book. It doesn’t interest you. The universe will take note. 1 for the universe and zero for human. Then next validation may come in a way of a struggle to find financing for the school or university. Are you ready? Let’s say you now start developing fear around believing if it is the correct decision or not. The universe will challenge that as well with a minor task that will prepare you to overcome... so the universe starts to play games. You don’t understand why you’re seeing commercials about architecture you don’t understand why you begin to look at the details in design. And then the biggest validation of all – the people around you begin to talk you out of what you want to do. Do you listen? Do you move forward? Do you fill out the application? Do you immerse yourself in learning what people are doing? Or do you put it off? Watch T.V instead? Spend every penny on other things instead of staying focused on your goal. My validation started ever since I walked out of that seminar. I was full of energy, ready to begin my new journey as an entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, and an influential public figure. Instantly I was tested for validation. See the universe is asking, Stacy, human, are you ready because I am. Are you ready to make it real… are you? I just changed my name on Linked in from Stacy Cross to Stacy Cross, Motivational Speaker and Coach! I just did that. Then I started seeing my clues for validation – my fear boiling and this is what happened. Remain uncomfortable, Stacy Cross neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.