The Comfort Killers Radio

The 3 C's of CCCHANGE

June 2, 2016

Hello friends and comfort killers. Stacy Cross here yet again on a beautiful Thursday for another episode of Get Uncomfortable and today we are going to quickly discuss and define the THREE C’s in for Change, to Change, of Change. What does it mean to Change – What does it mean to begin to change or you are going through changes. Ladies and Gentlemen, I want to thank you for rocking with me, learning with me and growing with me. You are totally making me the happiest person right now in life! So now that we know change is to become something different the next question should then be HOW. How does one become different? That is where the 3 C’s come into effect. We will only stay on the surface area of this because we are developing a course right now that will be able to show you exactly how and we believe it will benefit you greatly. It’ll be a four hour training course and you can subscribe to our mailing list for more updates on that end. The HOW is CK360 / 3 C’s – the first is Confront, the second is Commit and the third of C for CCChange is Create. I will briefly go over each now and you should be able to get the scope of what it takes to Change in any arena. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.