The Comfort Killers Radio

Growth & Expansion - Why We Need It!

June 9, 2016

I am so happy that YOU took the time to listen to this show today, I know who is out here. I know you want more. Look, my mission in life is to teach millions how to get uncomfortable, to think act and live better. Do you want better? Will you allow us to support you? Our network is about growth and today’s topic is about Growth and Expansion. We all need it to succeed. You simply cannot stay in the same place and expect to grow. There are three lines on the graph of life. The first one is the line of growth and abundance this line is expressed on the graph moving upwards, constantly pulsating with greatness. Elevating in levels and always vertical. The next line is the straight line, horizontally expressed on the graph. Take a piece of paper out and draw a horizontal straight line – this signifies no movement. No change. It’s the most comfortable line out there. It represents death, which we will get into a little bit later. The 3rd and last line expressed on the graph of life is that of downward motion. The line has movement but in a negative direction. This is the line of continued failure – Which line represents where you are in your life RIGHT NOW? The positively vibrated, pulsating, energetic, upward moving line or the death horizontal stagnant line. Or are you eager to change but nothing is working downward trending line. Ladies and gentlemen it’s time to do some confronting!!! It’s time to get serious about where you are at this exact moment in your life. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.