The Comfort Killers Radio

Survival of the Fittest!

June 16, 2016

Leader of the high achievers, leader of the comfort killers, providing tactics, channels, and strategies for life battle plans, - Have you your sharped edge axe my friends. Are you ready to get uncomfortable? If you do not know who I am, I would like to apologize. I am on the battle grounds, fighting for freedom, fighting to not just exist, not just to survive but thrive. I am fighting for your attention, fighting to never be average again. I am fighting for you my friend. No stones left unturned. No river left uncrossed. No sector or division left unmanned. This is not your grandpappys war – This is the war of self. The war of mindset. The war within and if won, creates the best world without. Do you think one person can change the world? Do you believe that you are the most important person on planet earth? Is your target only focused on planet earth? Are you not ready to bleed through books, experience, struggles, pain? Nope Comfort Killers, this is NOT a war of the past. This is a new war, a more strategic, personal war. This is an intellectual war on time. Where did all your time go? Are you not fighting for more time? Who is winning this war? What is winning this war? Is your television winning? Is facebook killing your SELF? What about your negativity, is that murdering your growth. What is winning the time war? Have you stopped believing in yourself my friend? Are you spending more time than investing it? Do you not READ? Do you not want to learn no languages? Have you stopped growing since high school, middle school and college? Have you your sharped edge axe? Who has won the war on growth? Who has won the battle of traffic? Is your favorite top 40 radio station the first thing you throw on? How about talk radio, or sports radio. Do you know more stats about some guy in Pro Football than your pay stub? Do you know how much taxes are being taken out each week? Do you know how much you earn? Who wins in the battle of growth? You are wounded by the news, depressed by media and you have come to the grounds with no ammo. You have no sense of control. You are a puppet for society. You dwell on things out of your control. You do not have a map handy. You cannot win at this game. You are the game. You are being targeted through the big binoculars of fear – You uphold your king’s wishes by smoking weed – doing drugs, - staying drunk. What is your weekend like soldier! Are you investing in yourself? You have 200$ sneakers on but you turn your head at a $20.00 book about investing. Soldiers, Comfort Killers! Who or What is winning this war? Have you your sharped edge axe, O Pioneer? Have you set your targets? Goals? Are you always complaining about what someone else has achieved.. Do you blame the man? Have you your battle plan? Do you know who you are? Comfort Killers, don’t lie dead in the midst of this new war. The new war survivors are quick thinkers, good decision makers, move fast and carry their goals with them. They invest time, resources and energy in themselves. They focus on wins and duplicate methods to continuously recreate them. They are not living in fear, rather confidence, knowing they are here for great. They are laying bridges … even if they come across resistance they move with speed and accuracy. They have clear thoughts which is why their actions are strategic. They only see abundance. They change their environments when necessary. Their ears aren’t in doubt. They listen to experiences from others they want to copy. Hey! They invest MONEY. They cut associates. They are fit for the battle of life. Remain uncomfortable, Stacy Cross [email protected] neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.