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The Process of Growth - Here it is!

June 23, 2016

Good morning – Ladies, Gents, Comfort Killers. Yet another Thursday in the books, another week secured in history and I am here to ask what have you done with your 168. There are 168 hours within the week, we all have the same beginning balance, it is just a matter of how you plan to attack yours. Today’s episode is special because I want to run through what we have done with everything since beginning this company. The reason this is resonating with me so much lately is because this past Monday, I was a guest on Michelle Dutro’s Game Changer Podcast. You can listen to my episode which is set to be released within a couple weeks on – Head over there, bookmark it – she already has great shows and content available even before my episode comes out. So I’ve been asked the question: Why. Why did you do it, why start a business, why take these risks which seems to have very little economical rewards in the beginning. Why take the leap. I’ve also been asked. What. Stacy, what happened in your life that lead up to this extraordinary feat. Many people do not take steps to change. Today I want to share with you my story…. THE STORY. As you may or may not already know this isn’t the first company I started. In 2009 I started a clothing brand and quickly gained a supporter who turned out to be my partner. The clothing brand was slow to grow because I was slow to grow. Slow to get uncomfortable. My business partner moved on and so did I. I picked it back up in 2011 and again slow to grow and therefore the business suffered as a result. I stopped. I picked it back up once again in 2013/2014. I stated that this will be it! The final run, the do or die. Well guess what, killers. I had momentum. I obtained a showroom… put on events. Created more clothing releases than ever and even created a project that to this day makes me very proud. I received sponsorship, started a community and subculture with many followers who to this day are still friends and associates. This time things were moving. Then something happened. ..Finally I started to GROW – and this time I outgrown the business of clothing. I outgrew small life goals- I started to take stock of what it is I truly wanted out of life. The early growth period was very hard for me. I still had bad habits to conquer. I read books, created a lifestyle. Pushed myself and expanded my consciousness and awareness. I was scared. I finally held myself accountable for everything. I finally realized then actualized. I made small changes. I reverted back to old behavior. I hated how I felt as a result from it. I had an awakening. I had a relapse in discipline. I meditated. I grew some more. I got uncomfortable. …which all led up to that damn seminar. It was February 14th 2016 when a Millionaire Mind Expo seminar came into my area. I knew I had to go – I knew I had to somehow do things differently. So I felt a seminar would be the natural first step to my new self… I will forever be grateful for this day. The seminar was a 3 day event and somewhat had an immersive learning schedule – 9 hours per day. The first day felt great. But I had no business cards. I had already written The Comfort Killers handbook in December and wanted people to know about it. I wanted to finally step outside of my comfort zone and network. Speak. I sat in the front row. I actually met an awesome dude who sat right next to me – some of you know his name Richard Sutton – whom I invited to interview on get uncomfortable podcast Go listen. Sitting in the front row of Day 1 was eye opening. I started to ask internal questions. “Why am I not on the stage” “Why are all these people here” “What makes these people continue to come here” “What is their offer” – “I would do this better” “I would do that better” “I should start a website” “What am I doing here” “I should start investing in myself” “What other things can I do with my time” These all ran through my head as I sat there with the rest of them. Many left in the first break. .. This was my second seminar actually now that it’s all coming back. The first one was a week ago, and that I walked out of. This one though spoke about mindset, money mindset, millionaire mindset. We danced, listened to music and asked each other for $100.00 bill to burn at the stake. Yeah, okay. Without giving too much away in case you actually attend this very same seminar – I would like you to have your own opinion. Day one was finished! The next day. I didn’t go. The next day was the beginning of my new life. Here is why: (Detailed only in audio version) Since February this is what I have accomplished. • Created • Realigned direction for The Get Uncomfortable Podcast Show • Created 2 Webinars • Wrote 2 eBooks • Gained thousands of supporters • Wrote over 50 articles which features on other database such as Medium, Linkedin • Obtained funding • Obtained a business partner whom crushes it on a daily basis • Structured the company • Created Coaching Service • Provide products such as t-shirt, journal, wristbands and more to come • Expanded The Comfort Killers community • Expanded The Mailing List • Created Free Courses and Training • Created CKTV • Writing Book • Meet with outstanding individuals in many areas of business and life • Interviewed on a podcast show • Upped my Income • Changed my mindset • Never reverted back to old behavior. • Remained persistent and vigilant for my mission • Gain many followers on all social media outlets • Opportunity to grow exponentially with huge outlet offer on the table right now • Attracted awesome people in my life • Expanding in an office • Invested in quality tools and resources to grow (Expanded in audio version) neither hosts nor alters podcast files. 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