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Dress for Success with Dr. Cara

July 14, 2016

In this episode, Stacy Cross gets uncomfortable with Dr. Cara, a medical physician in Atlanta, who believes that professional dress is NOT common knowledge. Dr. Cara has been on 40-50 professional interviews (3 RA, 2 research, 4 Med school, 11 residencies, 7 fellowship, 10 attending) which has made her an expert in the topic of what to wear in a professional setting, interview or in any industry for that matter. Dr. Cara shares practical, easy to follow and implement, do’s and don’ts of dress. This topic is much needed because as Dr. Cara stated, many people don’t know how to dress for work, what colors to wear, what shoes are appropriate and how to display confidence through clothing. Additionally, Dr. Cara and I open dialogue about power, confidence, and why it is important to be “comfortable in a job interview” Even though Dr. Cara shared insight that will most likely resonate more with our female Comfort Killers, we believe this show is for both male and females alike. To simply conclude: Professional dress is about being comfortable, clean, neat and confident. Below are Dr. Cara’s notes that she would like to share with The Comfort Killers. Devour it. My mother was stay at home, so these are things I've learned along the way to help you be: Professional, powerful, and pretty Dress for job you want, not the one you have-sometimes dressier than required -Take note of what your boss wears for an example Women may have to work harder to get ahead-don't sabotage yourself! First impressions count-unfair but true. Take advantage of your first impression neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.